Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Faith in the Greatest Good

My first Reiki teacher would always end her sessions saying “may the Energy flow for the Greatest Good.”  She had an unshakable faith that when Energy was channeled from Love/Universe/God, the person would be healed.  But not necessarily in the way humans would ideally like.  Sometimes there was still pain, struggle or disappointment because a dis-ease (whether physical, mental and/or emotional) did not simply go away.  The healing may have been a deep sense of peace, acceptance or resiliency.

Reiki for the Greatest Good

 I’ll be honest, faith is not a word I use very often.  Perhaps that is because it is usually associated with strict religious doctrine.  It can also be difficult to digest the idea of complete trust in an ever changing and dynamic world.  But, the word and concept of faith as trust without actual scientific proof has presented itself in various ways to me over the last month.


For me, faith is felt on an intuitive level, a gut feeling that provides groundedness when life’s upheavals seem scary and heavy.  Whereas, a belief refers to an intellectual acknowledgement.  Faith is a practice to continually release control to a Higher Power than what can be comprehended in the moment.  We can allow for the possibility of the Greatest Good to occur in our lives even when the outcome is uncertain.  It may not feel “safe” at the time, but it can strengthen our belief in a loving Universe that is for us, not against us.


My Faith in Love

I’m curious… what do you have faith in?

Everyday is an opportunity to invite in the deeper meaning of faith.  How will you choose to cultivate it when life is shaken and uncertain?

I created a meditation on Insight Timer called Connection to All That Is.  I use this visualization with deep breathing when I am struggling with feeling separate from this Higher Power or Greatest Good.

 I am also accepting private Reiki clients if you are looking for a stress reduction technique to Energetically align with the Greatest Good.  More information can be found HERE.

Brenda Carey
Sacred Path Healing Yoga & Reiki

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