Thursday, June 3, 2021

Who is Lakshmi?


Who is Lakshmi?

She is the goddess of Abundance... Prosperity... Gratitude...

  • She is the the lush greenery of spring time.
  • She is all things in Abundance: money, relationships, joy!
  • She is the empathy toward those who are suffering.
  • She is the when you seek balance in your life- physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.

She is called Shri in Sanskrit or "Auspicious."   Meaning, favorable or with luck.  

She is the embodiment of Abundance, Gratitude & Generosity.  She is the ultimate manifestor because there is no mentality of scarcity.

Where in your life could you use this perspective?
  Meaning... what would you do with your life if you knew that only abundance would be the outcome?


Lakshmi Energy doesn't have to try hard or control all the details of a desired outcome.  She flows with grace and ease in a constant state of allowing.  But, her Intention is aligned with healthy boundaries.  This new awareness has required me to really tune inward and focus on what feels good.  At times, this has given me permission to say no or give myself some space to what does not align with my heart's desire of self-love.

We can tap into her essence through certain types of asana (yoga postures),  meditation, pranayama (breathwork), hand mudras and mantras.  For example:

Yoga postures that create balance and feel nurturing like Restorative or Yin yoga.

Meditations that focus on abundance and gratitude like this one I created through Insight Timer.

The lotus hand mudra symbolic for light and beauty emerging from darkness.

If you are interested in learning more about Lakshmi energy, join me this Sunday, June 6th 10am-12pm MDT for my last Zoom class for summer break.  We will explore her qualities with nurturing restorative style yoga, meditation, mudra, mantra and a personal reflection through journaling.  If you sign up by June 5th, use the coupon code DIVINE5OFF for $5 off.  CEUs available for yoga teachers! 

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