Monday, April 5, 2021

Who Is Durga?

  • She is the courage to step into the Light from a inner place of Darkness.
  • She is the strength to move forward even if the future is unknown.
  • She is the transformation from an old habit into a new way of Being.

Durga is known as the "Fortress" because of her strength to protect those who stand for goodness and righteousness.  She is a blend of courage and compassion to battle "demons" (whether actual or metaphorical) and help overcome difficulties.

To invoke her qualities, I recorded a meditation called Courage for Durga Energy to tap into Durga's qualities.

This Sunday, April 11th, I teach another Divine Feminine Yoga workshop embodying this Energy of transformation, courage and strength.  We learn about the goddess Durga through her mythical story, yoga postures (asana), breath work, mantra & mudra along with a personal reflection on how to cultivate these qualities in our own life.

Sign-up for this Durga Workshop soon!

Learn more about me and my journey of yoga and meditation at Sacred Path Healing Yoga & Reiki.

Would LOVE for you to walk this Sacred Path with me!

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