Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What is Shakti Energy?


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I realize that you have probably heard this before, but it's a good reminder:

Everything IS Energy.

This includes our movement, thoughts, feelings- all things seen and unseen.  In yogic traditions, this is called Shakti, the creative power of consciousness that is the underlying conduit of All That Is.  This Life Force Energy expresses as the feminine qualities of birth, renewal and also destruction.

We can see this Shakti Energy in the flow of a river or falling snow.  We feel it in our heart beating. We demonstrate it in our motion with muscles and neurons firing.  We connect with the positive aspect of this potential when...

we create a work of art,
push pass a perceived mental limit,
breath so deeply we calm our nerves,
let go of a destructive habit.

For  me I connect with this Shakti Energy as I write in my journal, when I channel Reiki , and when I hike up a mountain.

  How do you harness this creative feminine Force?

The yogic sages believed that this creative Force could take on forms- like gods and goddesses who personified a particular vibration.  But let me be clear, Shakti transcends gender.  As Sally Kempton says in her book Awakening Shakti...

"Invoking your inner goddess isn't a girl thing- it's a chance to tap into the deepest source of empowerment, creativity and happiness."

Maybe you've heard the names Saraswati, Durga, Kali and Lakshmi in a yoga class- and it's totally okay if you have not.  Each goddesses expresses unique qualities, their own energetic signature, that we can tap into in order to raise our own vibration.  Would you like to learn more?

If so, please check out my monthly
Divine Feminine Yoga online series where we gain a personal connection to each goddess.  This is NOT a religion class, but an exploration of their energetic qualities through asana (yoga postures), meditation, mythology, mudra, mantra and sacred sharing.  If you sign-up for the series (see dates below) by March 3rd, you receive $20 off with the coupon code DIVINESERIES.  You can also sign up for a workshop individually.  CEUs available for Yoga Alliance yoga teachers.

Divine Feminine Yoga Shakti

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