Wednesday, February 17, 2021

About Me- Brenda Carey

Honestly, I didn't love yoga at first...

After scoliosis surgery and a fused spine at the age of 19, I needed to learn how to be in this new body with all it's limitations.  And that was just the physical awareness.

Then I listened, really listened, to my inner voice while on my mat.  It was NOT kind.  I berated, compared, and judged myself constantly.  But, it was the beginning of being AWARE of the habitual patterns I had accumulated- both physically and emotionally.

Over the past 20 years, I have chosen a holistic lifestyle that includes practicing yoga postures, meditation and then later Reiki.  I have learned to listen deeply without judgement to that still Voice Within.  She calls me to BE authentic, to connect to my Intuition and to know...


Through a process of self-acceptance by honoring my body and becoming aware of the powerful energy of my thoughts, I continue walking this sacred path to wholeness and healing.

 I enjoy creating inspiring yoga classes and workshops to connect students to a meaningful and heart felt experience. I love teaching a variety of styles of yoga and meditation while often incorporating Ayurveda, yogic philosophy, spirituality, Native American teachings, sound healing and Reiki.

My Intention is to serve the community to be mindful and authentic creators.

I am the owner of Sacred Path Healing Yoga & Reiki, LLC.  I received the 500 hour yoga teacher certification in 2020 from Camp Utopia in Longmont, CO and the 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2011 from Bodhi Yoga in Provo, Utah. I am an E-RYT-200 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider with over 1,200 hours of teaching experience. I am also a certified Elise Miller Yoga for Scoliosis trainer specializing in back care.  Since June of 2016, I became a Master Reiki Teacher and continues to attune Level 1 & 2 practitioners.

 When not on my yoga mat, you can find me on hiking trails all over Colorado and the west.  I enjoy camping and fly fishing with my family and rock climbing with my friends.

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